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Over 25 Years of Experience in Teaching, Composing, and Performing Music

The only Studio in Southeast offering complete Curriculum of Music Subjects for Elementary, Middle, and High School, and College Level.
There is no association or affiliation or any other relationship between the business of this web site www.euromusicschool.com and the European School of Music located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Company Profile

European School of Music is operated by Juliusz Bujalski, MA. Mr. Bujalski is a professional pianist, singer, and composer. He has given many concerts in different cities around the world, including Barcelona, Charlotte, Rome, Vienna, and Washington.

European School of Music offers lessons on piano, voice, jazz, theory, and composition. Additionally, the school offers transcription and composition services on request. You can also purchase pieces composed by Mr. Bujalski.

Mr. Bujalski is a member of:

Charlotte Piano Forum
National Guild of Piano Teachers
NC Music Teacher Association
National Federation of Music Clubs

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